We Recommend WP Engine

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Yes, this post contains affiliate links to WP Engine, but we wholeheartedly recommend using WP Engine as your WordPress host.  Why? There are lot of reasons, but it all boils down to convenience. You have read our rants about WordPress security and we stand by them. WP Engine makes a lot of those suggestions easy, actually, automatic to implement.

For instance, WP Engine makes a backup of your WordPress site once a day.  And you have the option of making a backup point at any time so if you’re adding some plugins or making some other major changes, you can have a fresh backup available if something goes wrong. Which brings us to my next favorite feature.

Every WP Engine install includes an optional Staging Site which means that you can do development work on a Staging site without affecting your live site until you are ready.  With one click, you can copy your live site to the staging site. With another click (and confirmation), you can copy your staging site to your live site.

On your live site, WP Engine offers some excellent caching options which helps ensure a fast website.  Not only is this important to your visitors, it’s also part of Google’s index algorithm. If you have a fast site, Google looks at that as a positive.

There’s many other reasons to choose WP Engine.  If you have any more questions, feel free to call us. If you’re ready to go, click on the link below and save 20% off your first payment!
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